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Tracy is an artist, photographer, and adventure enthusiast living and working in the Gunnison Valley of Colorado. 

Growing up in a small midwest town surrounded by little moments of beauty, Tracy eventually moved to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management. That pursuit pushed her forward on the path to adventure and exploration that eventually led her to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado that she now calls home. 

Never without her camera or a sketchbook, and always seeking the most spectacular moments of light, dawn and dusk are when she feels the most inspired, whether to photograph, paint, or draw. Tracy is also deeply driven by personal encounters with the wildlife species that call the mountains home, and this is the most prevalent subject matter in her fine art. 

Artist Statement

“Where there is wildlife, and a beautiful landscape, that is where you’ll find me. I’ve called the West home since 2013, learning, exploring, soaking it all in. It’s different than home, Wisconsin. It’s more grand, more alive, and in that I find constant inspiration. Whether I’m hiking a mountain, watching a moose through a crack in my tent, or feeling the sun leave my face as it fades with another spectacular sunset, beauty is everywhere. The job of my art is to convey those feelings of beauty with people who weren’t there, because I will never take for granted that I was lucky enough to see it for myself, nor the fact that the places and animals I enjoy so very much may not be there one day.” 

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